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Rap is a collection of music from other types of music. A beautiful amalgamation of layers of relentless sounds and catchy vocals which most of the time have been sampled from other songs. Although, rap is oversaturated with male talent, some of the greatest rap tracks have sampled songs by women artists. Thus, as it […]

I am a person who wants to find my person. At the not so young age of 34 (at least in Asian years), I find myself looking around at friends’ engagements popping up like brightly colored Teletubbies but far less terrifying. A feeling of happiness runs through my chest as I perform the due diligence […]

Beauty, tears, scars, resilience,etched in the skin of my community,faces like mine with history in our eyes,the worry of being too different on our conscience. We are the conniving Dragon Lady,the submissive servant by your side,the relentless “model minority”,an incessant foreigner since the 1880s. Blind to them is the struggle to just BE,without the badge […]

My Grandmother had kind eyes. Deep pools of wonder and comfort, they always offered a kingdom of solace. The last time my Gram’s eyes were kind to me was late 2019. After a morning of people watching at a cafe, I did my normal drive up to her house, passing Zippy’s, then Wilson Elementary and […]

Dear 2021, Please don’t suck. This is the simplest yet most complicated request to make, that I know, but most of us cannot take another year of such annihilating heartbreak, physically, mentally or emotionally. I’m here to tell you of your predecessor’s harsh antics that smacked us all like an Asian mom on report card […]

Anyone that has ever worked retail knows how coveted closing time is.  From the time you clock in which is always a terrible 12 or 1 pm to your “lunch”, an ill-fitted 3 or 4 pm, and the slow lag of robotically ringing up customers and answering questions like “can you lower the price a […]

Grab your finest chains and gather ’round folks, it is time for another rap year book.  To recap from the last year book… In 2015, The Rap Year Book was released chronicling the evolution of rap from 1979 – 2014, highlighting the most influential song from every year and written by the hysterical Shea Serrano.  It […]

Womxn’s History Month 2019 hath ended its great stride, however, I want to take one extra day to celebrate a community I am beyond lucky and proud to be a part of; the community of Asian Womxn.  I want to acknowledge my yellow and brown sisters, and those who support us.  All of the anger, […]

In 1990, Madonna released her classic tune “Vogue”, which reached number one in over 30 countries.  Perhaps the most enticing part of the song is her “rap” about 16 old Hollywood stars from the 1920s to the 1950s, including Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly, Jean Harlow, Fred Astaire and Bette Davis, among others.  She sing talks […]

The Carters musically rekindled.  Ariana spilled the tea in her exes.  Pusha-T took a giant dump on Drake and Drake rejuvenated one of Lauryn Hill’s most beloved songs. 2018 was a wild year for music; the year female artists fearlessly pronounced the word “pussy” with absolute power and the long-awaited albums of Lil Wayne and […]