What is Hawaiian Pidgin?

Iss da kine bah.  Nah keeding.

For rio kine it wen staht in da sugacane plantations befoa time wen planny immigrants wuz cahmeen to Hawai’i in da mid-1800s tru da earlay 1900s.  Eh had planny different kine peepo, Americans an immigrants yeah so had to create wan common language so dey could talk to each odda and da supavisas.  Had Hawaiians, Chinee, Japanee, Filipinos, Koreans an dadada yah planny kine so had all kine words from da different languages and den dey wen mix up an wen make wan solid language yeah.

Dear white people, here_s a little tip- When you ask someone who looks ethnically different ‘what are you-_ the answer is usually a person about to slap the shit out of you. (2)

Ova time pidgin wen spread out from da plantations yah an wen become wan common language foa all da locals foa use.  Choke public sku keiki wen learn um from dea classmates an da parents, even da teachas wen teach in pidgin.  Mattah of fak, planny biznesses wen have pidgin names and da kine local commercials steh in pidgin. Even get comedians like Frank DeLima and Augie T, and wriddahs like Lois-Ann Yamanka and Lee Cataluna dat wen get famous from speaking and writing in pidgin yah.  An den remembah Bula’ia?  Ho faka wuz nawts.


Eh, so pidgin nowadays considered wan staboh kine language.  Get peepo dat get jobs foa translate all kine stuff to pidgin li’dat.  An get locals dat can switch um up yah if dey wit frenz or if dey working yah.  You like learn pidgin?  Try look da sampos…..

Ainokea = I don’t care

Ex. “You wen watch da Mayweather – McGregor fight? Brah, ainokea.”
English: “Did you watch the Mayweather – McGregor fight?  I really do not care.”

Shi Shi = To urinate

Ex. “I juss wen poun’ doze beeahs now I gotta shi shi.”
English: “I consumed those beers rather quickly and at this moment I need to urinate.”

Chee = Wow; geez

Ex. “I can sampo yo cah again? Chee, how many times you goin’ sampo?
English: “Friend, may I borrow your car again? Wow, will this ever stop Carl?

Kalakoa = Colors that do not match; all mixed up

Ex. “How’z her outfit? Kalakoa bah.”
English: “Um, what is with her outfit?  Someone chose to wear everything she owns.”

All Buss = Drunk; wasted

Ex. “Ho afta da shots Kaiks was all buss!”
English: “After we drank those shots, Ikaika was very inebriated.”

Brah = Short for braddah or brother; an endearing way to call somebody

Ex. “Brah, you like grind o wat?”
English: “Brother, would you like to dine soon?”

Garanz = Short for “garanz ballbaranz”; guarantee; no doubt; sure thing

Ex. “Eh, u sua dis poi still good?  Garanz brah.”
English: “Excuse me, are you certain this poi is still safe to eat?  I am positive that this poi is still edible.

Lolo = Crazy; dumb; absent-minded

Ex. “Lolo, we steh ova hea.”
English: “We are over here genius.”

Pau = Finish(ed), complete(d)

Ex. “You pau yet?”
English: “Are you seriously not finished yet?”

No Make = Stop that; cut that out; you’re making a fool out of yourself

Ex. “Eh no make li’dat Cheryl you not wan rio kine dancah.”
English: “Cheryl, please cut that out and remove yourself from that go-go stage you are not a real dancer and you never will be.”

‘Āina = Land

Ex. “Eh haoles, ALOHA ‘ĀINA.”
English: “Attention white mainlanders, please show love and respect for our land.”

‘Okole = Butt

Ex. “I like big okoles and I cannot lie.”
English: “I like big butts and I cannot lie.”

Rajah = Short for “rajah dat”;  roger; concur; in agreement

Ex. “You wen get beeah foa da beech o wat?  Rajah.
English: “Kind sir, did you purchase beer for our beach rendezvous?  Indeed I did.

Tantaran = Show off; overly showy; boastful

Ex. “Brah how’s Reid yah, all tantaran.”
English: “Is it just me or is Reid being incredibly boastful right now, calm down Reid it’s no that serious.”

Blala = Another more difficult word for “moke”. An attitude or way of life where a hard core, local man often dresses in a cut T, surf shorts and rubber slippers

Ex. “Eh no mess wit dat blala bumbai he lick you.”
English: “Do not aggravate that local gentleman or else he will come over here and whoop your ass.”

Eh = Hey; often used to get someone’s attention or to precede a sentence

Ex. “Eh! Tryen foa get nawtz o wat?”
English: “Hey! Are you trying to get physical or what?”


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