A few things…..

This blog combines two of my favorite things: race and media representation.

Why the “Crazy”?  Because racism within media drives me crazy.  Underrepresentation and marginalization drive me crazy.  People often say I am crazy for “making everything about race”….well it is.  I am calling out things that perpetuate racism while applauding those that inspire positive and accurate representation.  There are subjects I care about and I believe have a great effect on society in general.  

Why the “Gyo”? It’s part of my last name…Gyotoku.  My last name has always been a conversation starter, an immediate signifier, and most of the time it takes the place of my first name because people think it’s unusual, they try to master pronouncing it or they think it sounds like sushi.  Ultimately, it is distinctly me.

So….Let’s Gyo Crazy, let’s get nuts.