I am a person who wants to find my person. At the not so young age of 34 (at least in Asian years), I find myself looking around at friends’ engagements popping up like brightly colored Teletubbies but far less terrifying. A feeling of happiness runs through my chest as I perform the due diligence […]

You were born light-skinned.  Spent your whole childhood complimented on your appearance, with your red cheeks looking like a freshly molded doll.  You are 90%+ Japanese but the little haole you are holds just as much precedent.  As a child, your parents always had to explain “what you were” to others because you had the […]

What is Hawaiian Pidgin? Iss da kine bah.  Nah keeding. For rio kine it wen staht in da sugacane plantations befoa time wen planny immigrants wuz cahmeen to Hawai’i in da mid-1800s tru da earlay 1900s.  Eh had planny different kine peepo, Americans an immigrants yeah so had to create wan common language so dey […]